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  • 10:00am-10:30am (EST)
  • Katherine Bergeron
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Moderated by: Ariella Rotramel

  • 10:30am-11:45am (EST)
  • Bryana White, Amy Sereday, Maurice Tiner, Ariella Rotramel
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Actualizing Full Participation through Courageous Conflict Engagement

Moderated by: Ariella Rotramel

Facilitated by: Bryana White and Maurice Tiner

This session introduces a new initiative through the Gund Dialogue Project - Courageous Conflict Engagement. Led by colleagues from across the College, we explore the challenges of working through conflicts that emerge within our communities. Together, we begin to develop common conflict language, shared expectations around approaching conflict, and practice strategies. This workshop is the first element of our coming together to grow our communication and collaboration skills.

Multi Faith Conversation (MFC) on Justice

Moderated by: Rabbi Susan Schein

Facilitators: ORSP Ambassadors

Speakers: Rev. Stephanie Haskins

Multifaith Conversations (MFC) is a biweekly discussion group in the College’s office of religious and spiritual programs which explores questions of faith and truth that apply to people of diverse religious and philosophical traditions. Open and respectful dialogue, paired with delicious food, has proved to be a winning combination this past semester. Topics have included stereotypes about faith, whether miracles are real, and the nature of freedom and true happiness. This Elevate session will focus on the topic of justice.

Rev. Stephanie Haskins is the Senior Minister of Niantic Community Church in Niantic, CT. A graduate of Andover Newton Theological School (Newton Centre, MA) she has spent her ministry serving local congregations. Passionate about spiritual practices and inclusive community, leading the MFC has been a rewarding extension of the work she's done and a throwback to her first love: campus ministry.

  • 12:00pm-1:15pm (EST)
  • Mr. Christopher Coleman
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Lunch Plenary

Moderated by: Ariella Rotramel

Complexities of intersectional life based on his own experience and expertise. 40-45 minute pre-recorded presentation with captions and transcript. January 19, 2022 from 11:30 am to 1:15 pm. The Q&A element of the event will be moderated by a staff member of the Division of Institutional Equity and Inclusion.

Disability Justice

Moderated by: Lil Liebenthal

Learning Differences and Employment Through a Social Justice Lens- A panel discussion highlighting the challenges people with a learning difference face as they navigate their career journey.

  • 1:30pm-2:45pm (EST)
  • R. Danielle Egan, Edgar Alvarez ‘23, Melissa Avilez Lopez ‘23
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Experiences & Possibilities of Dialogue in the Classroom & Beyond

Moderated by: Rachel Stewart

Women’s Center - History and Future

Moderated by: Grace Rathbun (she/they), Justin Mendillo (they/he)

Join Gender & Sexuality Programs as we discuss the evolution of Women's Centers the past few decades across college campuses. As our culture around gender changes, so does our understanding of the roles of Women's Center. How does the mission of our Women's Center fit into these larger cultural narratives? Is it time for us to reconsider the function of the Women's Center over the next decade? How have the needs of students changed over time? Come engage in a dialogue that will impact the future of the Women's Center on Conn's campus.

  • 7:00pm (EST)
  • Dr. Rosemary Ndubuizu
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Conversations on Race- Housing Justice is Reproductive Justice: Black Women and Right to the City's Organizing Praxis

Moderated by: Ariella Rotramel

Georgetown University's Assistant Professor Rosemary Ndubuizu talks about the enduring tenant activist tradition of low-wage black mothers in Washington DC. In highlighting these women's stories, Ndubuizu uncovers important feminist and racial justice implications of their activism.

  • 9:00am-10:15am (EST)
  • Rodmon King with Ariella Rotramel
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Conversation with Rodmon King and Ariella Rotramel

Moderated by: Ariella Rotramel

This session features the incoming Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion (DIEI), Rodman King, in conversation with the interim DIEI, Ariella Rotramel. Through their conversation, audience members will get to know more about Dr. King and his approach to equity and inclusion work. There also will be an opportunity to ask your own questions and participate in this conversation.

BIPOC Student Experiences at Conn

Moderated by: Maurice Tiner

Global education is a significant pillar of the Connecticut College experience, with about 50% (Pre-COVID) of students studying away within their four-year experience. Join in the conversation with Moderator Maurice Tiner '17 and a panel of BIPOC alumni who are eager to reflect on the transformative nature of their abroad experience. Following the discussion, Melissa Ryan, Assistant Director of the Walter Commons, and Lauren O'Leary, Coordinator of the Walter Commons, will discuss the various ways that students can engage globally while at Conn and share resources to help students prepare and make the most of these experiences.

Debunking Trans Myths & Why Gender Pronouns Matter

Moderated by: Naz Camero Cortez (he/him), Justin Mendillo (they/he)

Whether you're trans or not, you have heard some myths about trans people. In this session, we will be exploring myths about trans folks through the decades; which myths have changed and which ones have lasted through the years, and the harmful impact they have on the community. Also, we'll be digging into your questions on why pronouns matter, why they're grammatically correct, and how to correctly use them. Broaden your horizons, learn something new, and join us today.

Social Justice in International Education: The Moral Imperative to Elevate

Moderator: Melissa Ryan

What are the consequences of not aligning our actions and our beliefs in higher education? Dr. Berger will speak about her work advancing social justice principles in international education. Through her work as a scholar, educator, and advocate, she will share her experiences and advice on how we can all use social justice strategies to act more intentionally in ways that elevate all students and contribute to their success.

  • 1:30pm-2:45pm (EST)
  • Fionnuala Darby Hudgens, Nakia Hamlett and Pete Harrison Infrastructure Bill and Housing Implications Plenary
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Infrastructure Bill and Housing Implications

Moderated by: Carlos Virgen from The Day

In November 2021, President Biden approved a $1.2T bill to reinvest in our nation's infrastructure. In this session our panelists will discuss how that money will improve or create opportunities for housing equity by addressing what this money from the federal government means for our towns, and what needs to happen to ensure that money will address inequities created in the past without further exacerbating problems with housing discrimination.

Housing and Local Actions (Conversations on Race)

Facilitated by: Clayton Potter, Kris Wraight, Eddie Long
Moderated by: Luis Rodriguez (Mitchell College)

This session will be facilitated by New London residents and will ask the question, "What makes 'the other side of town' the 'other side of town'? The south end of New London, the downtown area, and other districts in the city have recognizable differences in infrastructure. Through active participation with community members, we will capture experiences of residents in different parts of the city, and identify ways to make practical, affordable changes that benefit everyone. At the end of this session, we hope to inspire the formation of a working-group led by community members that can continue finding resolutions to problems raised during this conversation.

A Beautiful Resistance: How We Tell Stories Matters

Speaker: Ms. Jenee Osterheldt

Too often, media frames stories of Black folk and other marginalized communities through extremes. Poverty and brutality or excellence. When you do not allow for the fullness of a people, when you do not create space for everyday joy and living, you miss out on the truth and cultures become defined by stories weighted in pain and exceptionalism.
Introduction by: Katherine Bergeron
Moderated by Ariella Rotramel